Social Responsibility

We value the impact our decisions have on the communities we are part of, on our collaborators and on the environment.



We organize courses, workshops, conferences and seminars for our collaborators, colleagues, clients and the public in general.



We generate and share legal content for that all citizens can better know their rights and obligations.



We develop technology so that our clients have the best customer service and experience when hiring our legal services.


Pro-Bono Work

Our Pro-Bono program is focused on helping those who need it most including non-for-profit organizations, private assistance institutions, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors.



As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and care for the environment, we have implemented a Home-Office policy, which allow us as well to give our collaborators flexibility in the performance of their activities and better management and balance of their time.

Green Policies

We implement green policies in all our offices as part of our commitment with taking care of the environment.


Along Rumpere Impunitas, A.C. we work in the dissemination and encouragement of the compliance with anti-corruption legislation.



Acknowledgements and Awards


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